Eyebrows are an important facial feature that is often neglected. A well groomed, well defined eyebrow can be extremely flattering and add considerable strength to a women's eyes.


Shaping your eyebrows to flatter your face is an overarching concern for most women. Women everywhere are investing in having their eyebrows shaped by a specialist. It is difficult to shape your own eyebrows. It is equally difficult to find someone who can do a great job for you. 


This job has been made easier for you with the No.1 Eyebrow Specialist Rosie 


Initial Consultation with Rosie
  • EyeBrow Styling Wax & Shape With Rosie
  • Initial EyeBrow Styling Wax, Colouring & Shaping With Rosie
  • Subsequent Visits-EyeBrow Styling & Shape
  • EyeBrow Tint
  • Eyelash Tint, EyeBrow Tint, EyeBrow Styling Wax






Brow Stylists - Trained by Rosie
  • Initial Consultation - EyeBrow Styling Wax & Shape
  • Subsequent Visits - EyeBrow Styling Wax & Shape
  • EyeBrow Tint
  • Eyelash Tint
  • Eyelash Tint, EyeBrow Tint, EyeBrow Shape & Wax






Miss Universe Australia seeks expert touch by Rosie

Rosie has been contacted by the current Miss Universe Australia, Laura Dundovic, to do her eyebrows in preparation for her pageant. Rosie has gained wide recognition for her detail to eyebrows and her reputation based on 17 years of recreating eyebrows for her continuously growing clientele of Australian celebrities, business women of all ages and the suburban mum. There is no doubt that this stunningly beautiful woman draws you directly to her eyes, such is the powerful statement created by Rosie. 

Laura and Rosie spent a fun filled session in preparation for a spectacular evening event in Melbourne, where dignitaries and superstars rubbed shoulders with each other, and there is little doubt that Laura’s flashing smile and bedazzling eyes made a statement worth a million dollars. Rosie did Laura’s eyes exclusively using Napoleon Perdis makeup. Rosie stated, “I could have used cheaper makeup, but the look would not have been the same, you just can’t skimp on price when you are making a statement that you are the most beautiful woman in the Universe”. 

The evening was a fabulous success, Laura continued to promote herself and Australia, her eyes were stunning as the images opposite can attest to, Rosie was happy with her work and continues to be the nation’s most sought after eyebrow specialist. If you would like to be given the exact same treatment as Miss Universe Australia, at an everyday sensible price, then contact Rosie by simply clicking or phone: 9481 4286 

Not sure what suits your face?

Have you experienced Overplucked Or Even Badly Threaded Eyebrows,Dont worry Rosie with over 28yrs Experience In the Beauty & Makeup Industry will transform Your Brows In no Time.

Bushy Natural Brows Are Here To Stay,Eyebrow Styling By An Expert Should Be At The Top Of Your Agenda.

Goodbye Thin Over Plucked Threaded Or Badly Waxed Eyebrows,Hello Sculpted Statement Brows In 12 Weeks.

Turn Your Sparsely, Odd Shaped Brows Into Features to Be Proud Of.

With Over 28 Yrs Experience In the Industry,Rosies Brow Game,Is All About A Full & Natural Brow That Doesnt Require Huge Maintenance.

The Initial Consultation Involves A Brow Reshape,Specialised Coloured Technique Followed By  Makeup Technique To Define Your Brows Leaving You Feeling More Confident & On Point.

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Once you have experienced the transformation of bad eyebrow to perfect eyebrows, have a makeover with Rosie. 

Rosie also consults her clients on new makeup looks. Book in for a makeup consultation to learn the makeup tips exclusively for you.


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